Team K/O

2019-2020 Draw
First Round
To be played on Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th December 2019
Each team player will use their own current league handicap and it shall be recorded on the scoreboard prior to the commencement of each individual frame.
Moulton A v Castle Private B MONDAY 16/12
Off the Rails A v Owleywood b TUESDAY 17/12
Owleywood C v Wharton A MONDAY 16/12
Victoria A v Victoria C TUESDAY 17/12
Pockets A v BYE
Owleywood A v Middlewich A TUESDAY 17/12
Victoria B v Winsford Cons A MONDAY 16/12
Meadow Bank B v BYE
Meadow Bank A v Cosey A MONDAY 16/12
Castle Private A v Castle Private C TUESDAY 17/12
Winsford Cons B v BYE
Pockets C v Castle Private D TUESDAY 17/12
Middlewich C v BYE
Pockets D v Victoria D MONDAY 16/12
Middlewich B v BYE
Winnington C v Wharton B TUESDAY 17/12
Second Round
To be played on Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th February 2020
M17 Owleywood b v Victoria D Monday 3/2
M18 Victoria C v Castle Private C Monday 3/2
M19 Winsford Cons B v Moulton A Tuesday 4/2
M20 Pockets A v Meadow Bank B Monday 3/2
M21 Winnington C v Victoria B Tuesday 4/2
M22 Middlewich A v Wharton A Tuesday 4/2
M23 Meadow Bank A v Pockets C Monday 3/2
M24 Middlewich B v Middlewich C Monday 3/2
Quarter Finals
To be played on Thursday 5th March 2020
M25 Winsford Cons B v Castle Private C
M26 Pockets A v Winnington C
M27 Middlewich C v Meadow Bank A
M28 Victoria D v Middlewich A
Semi Finals
To be played on Thursday 2nd April 2020

To be played on Sunday 19th April 2020 @ 3pm

2018/19 Middlewich B Peter Walton(Captain), Chaz Ollier, Harry Ogle, Haydn Hill, Haydn Wynne, Paul Stevens, Stewart Colclough, Tony Jones
2017/18 Wharton C Paul Mills(Captain), John Mills, H Rowlands, Rod Stitch, Robert Clarke, Phill Harris, S Reid, Gary Goodwin, Colin Jones, Paul Stenson
2016/17 Pockets C Stewart Colclough (Captain), Craig Winslow, Richard Proctor, Paul Hatherley, Dave Ellis, Adam Griffiths, S Hancock
2015/16 Castle Private J Lewis R Hender, G Evison, Snapper(AKA M Clays), K Long, P Wakefield, A Musgrave, P Clays
2014/15 Pockets C Stewart Colclough (Captain), Craig Winslow, E Haslam, Richard Proctor, Paul Hatherley, Dave Ellis, Billy Hopkins
2013/14 Pockets C Stewart Colclough (Captain), Craig Winslow, Steve Bampton, Richard Proctor, Paul Hatherley, Dave Ellis, Billy Hopkins
2012/13 Victoria C D Ingram (Captain) N White, S Blackburn, J Walker, E Oulton, C Williams, E Groom, G Herbert, A Imrie
2011/12 Middlewich Legion B Antony Jones(Captain), Neil Anderson, Haydn Wynne, Charles Ollier, Stewart Colclough, Peter Walton, Paul Stevens
2010/11 Moulton A:- P Clarke (Capt), J Cochran, P Scott, J Greasby, S Buckley, N Wilkinson, D Kennely
2009/10 Bostock B:- A F Higgins (Capt),A Higgins,J Stebbings,E Jones,C Jones,C Meskell,R D Clarke,A Renshaw
2008/09 Cygnet B:- Rob Oliver (Capt), James Reed, Matt Smith, Ryan Cox, James Forster, Steve Hilditch,Dan Oliver
2007/08 Winnington Rec D
2006/07 Meadow Bank B
2005/06 United Services A
2004/05 Pockets C
2003/04 United Services
2002/03 Hartford C
2001/02 United Services A
2000/01 Pockets C
1999/00 Owleywood C
1998/99 Bostock D
1997/98 Bostock A
1996/97 Pockets D
1995/96 Hartford D
1994/95 Hartford D
1993/94 Knutsford Libarels A
1992/93 Gladstone B
1991/92 Gladstone B
1990/91 Knutsford Private B
1989/90 Pockets D
1988/89 Lostock A
1987/88 Congleton Cons A
1986/87 Winsford Cons D
1985/86 Owleywood A
1984/85 Owleywood A
1983/84 Cheshire Leisure A
1982/83 B P Chemicals A
1981/82 B P Chemicals A
1980/81 Winsford Con C

Plate Knockout
2011/12 Wharton A