League Rules

League Rules

RULE 1: The league to be known as the Mid-Cheshire Snooker League.

RULE 2: The Annual General Meeting to be held annually in July, at which the nine officials for the forthcoming season will be elected. The Secretary or Treasurer will be elected for a two-year period alternatively These duly elected nine members shall form the Management Committee who will be empowered to deal with any infringement of these rules listed and shall have full powers to give a decision on any matter on which these rules are silent. The Management Committee shall be empowered to co-op additional members as deemed necessary to fill any vacancies as they occur.

RULE 3: An Audited Financial Account shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting, up to the end of the Financial Year, this being May 31st

RULE 4: Any notice of amendment or alteration of the rules must reach the Secretary at least 14 days before the A.G.M. Any such notice must be signed by both the proposer and seconder.

RULE 5: Each team shall nominate a representative to attend full Delegate Meetings, Annual General Meetings, and Extra-Ordinary Meetings. Only such nominated representatives shall have voting powers at those meetings.

RULE 6: An “Extraordinary” meeting may be called at any time by the Secretary on receiving a notice to the effect, which must be signed by not less than twelve team representatives. Full Delegate meetings will be held at least once a year, the Secretary being given the discretion to call one in December if circumstances warrant such a meeting, and any team not represented at these meetings will be fined £5. Management Committee meetings will be held as and when required at the Secretary’s discretion.

RULE 7: Without exception, a representative of any team having any dispute or protest must attend the Committee Meeting whilst such a dispute or protest is being heard.

RULE 8: Presentation of prizes, etc. to be arranged by the Management Committee. All perpetual cups and shields remain the property of the League and should be returned to the Secretary in good condition twenty-eight days prior to the presentation date of the following year of receiving same.

RULE 9: Annual Subscriptions: – £110 per team. A registration fee of £55 must be submitted with the entry of each team, which is non-returnable, the remaining £55 being payable at the end of the first half of the current season. The Team captains to be held responsible for the payment of these fees.

RULE 10: Players registration- a charge of £2 will be charged annually, and all players must be registered. Once a player has been registered with a Club he will remain on the registration list of the Club until his name is officially removed by the player or the Club concerned. A player who wishes to transfer from one Club to another must notify the Secretary and will not be eligible to play for a new Club until the League Secretary is in possession of his registration form.

RULE 11: Any team playing a non-registered player in any match will forfeit all points gained in that match, but in all cases be penalised a minimum of three points. Also the opposition will be awarded 42-0 for each frame(s) played by the unregistered player(s).

RULE 12: No player can play for more than one team in any one week. Where a team withdraws from the league during the season, no player from that team can play in a team, without first obtaining the Committee’s approval.

RULE 13: Teams shall consist of six players. Scoring of points: – 1 point for each frame won; 1 point for aggregate team winners. If the aggregate scores at the end of the match are level, then the 2 players who played the last frame will re-spot the black to decide the aggregate point. Frames will be played with each players handicap marked on the score board at the start of the frame.

RULE 14: Draw for the order of play: – each Team Captain shall write down his players’ names in the order he wishes them to play. The two lists of players (one from each Captain) shall then be put together and the match shall be played in that order as tables become available. The home team players will retain ‘spot’ on the scoreboard throughout the match and will record their scores accordingly. If a team is short of 1 player the other 5 player’s names should be placed in a hat and drawn at random. That player will play the final frame. All players in attendance must be put in the draw, if a player can’t play a second frame for any reason then the frame is awarded to the opposing team 42-0. If a team is short they must inform the league secretary by 7:30 on the night of the match, the player’s handicap and performance would be based on the first game played by that player.

RULE 15: All matches to start not later than 8:00pm, an earlier start being permitted subject to the mutual agreement of both team captains. If any table(s) remains vacant for more than 15 minutes after the agreed starting time, a team captain or a player can at his discretion, apply to claim the frame(s) not commenced 42-0. Also for each subsequent 15 minutes the table(s) remain vacant, the team captain or player may apply to claim a further frame or frames, not commenced 42-0. If at 8:45pm the opposing player or players are not available to play, the score card should be signed by the team captain or player, and by a witness to this effect, and forwarded to the league Secretary. Where any frame(s) have been claimed under this rule, the matter will be put before the Management Committee for their decision.

RULE 16: Players handicaps for league and competitions will be based on their current playing performance in the League. These handicaps will be updated weekly (Except for the pairs which will be set at the start of the competition). Handicaps will increase by 2 points for every league frame lost and decrease by 2 points for every league frame won. Players who are new to the league or haven’t played for 12 months will be placed on the average handicapped for that division. Handicaps may be adjusted by the committee at their discretion.

RULE 17: No match can be cancelled without first obtaining the sanction of the Management Committee. Obligations to play other sports, or in other leagues will not be considered an acceptable reason for the re-arrangement of a fixture the onus is on the Team Captain to ensure that enough registered players are eligible for the Competition or Match to enable he fixture to be fulfilled, even when one or two of the team are unavailable. Where matches are unavoidably cancelled, i.e. Bad weather, bad travelling conditions, Team Captains must inform the League Secretary, and arrange to play the match within 10 days of the original date. If the two Team Captains cannot agree on a mutual date, then the matter will be put to the Management Committee, who will nominate a date on which the match “MUST” be played. If a team fails to fulfil a fixture, or asks for a late cancellation of a fixture without giving sufficient warning to the opposing Team Captain, then three points will be deducted from that team’s League record and the match will be arranged as above. Any team which fails to fulfil all its fixtures during the course of a season will be deducted points at the start of the next season so that they start in a minus position and in all cases liable to expulsion from the league.

RULE 18: Home Team Captains must forward the frames and points score by text, phone, Email or card on the night of each match and then BOTH teams should send the League Match result cards to the secretary within three days of the match date; failure to comply will result in disciplinary action being taken against them. Divisional promotion and relegation will be on a two up two down basis, to be determined by a team’s total number of points scored throughout the season. In the event of teams having the same number of points, the team having won more matches shall be deemed to be the higher.

RULE 19: Qualifying for the Divisional Best Performances,  The Best Divisional performances will be awarded to the player with the highest Average points scored and then by games won, to Qualify, a player must play at least 80% of league fixtures in their respective Divisions. Players playing out of division will not qualify for best performance or best divisional break.

RULE 20: All games to be played under The World Professional Billiards & Snooker (WPBSA) rules unless otherwise stated in the Leagues rules. (Excluding the Miss Rule)

RULE 21: Any Team or Individual who wins a Trophy and does not attend the Presentation Night (or send their apologies 7 days before the date of the presentation night) will have to reimburse the league for the cost of the trophies. This cost will be added to the team’s invoice for the season.

RULE 22: FREE BALL when a free ball is awarded the player must verbally nominate which ball they intend to play (this is a local rule for M.C.S.L)