Competitions/Diary Dates

COMPETITION DATES 18-19 Please Note That Any Players Or Teams Who Do Not Show (Or Inform Comp Sec 48hrs Before Of A Reason For Not Showing) Up For A Match Will Be Fined £5 Per Player Or £20 Per Team. The Name Of Any Player Fined Will Be Put On The Teams Bill At The End Of The Season.
24/25-Sep    Charity KO 1st Round       
30-Sep          Closing date for competition entry's                        
25-Oct           Ind handicap prelim      
29/30-Oct    Charity KO 2nd Round
01-Nov          Clare cup prelim   
08-Nov          Pairs prelim
11-Nov          Owleywood 3 Man Team KO
15-Nov          Ind handicap 1st round  
22-Nov          Clare cup 1st round         
29-Nov          Ashley seniors 1st round
06-Dec          Pairs 1st round
13-Dec          Ind handicap 2nd round 
17/18-Dec    Team Handicap KO 1st Round   
10-Jan           Clare cup second round  
17-Jan           Pairs second round          
24-Jan           Ashley seniors 2nd round          
31-Jan          Charity quarters   
04/05-Feb     Team Handicap KO 2nd round
07-Feb          Ind handicap quarters    
14-Feb          Clare cup quarters
21-Feb          Pairs quarters        
24-Feb          Individual handicap Semi & Final        
28-Feb         Ashley seniors quarters 
3-Mar          Pairs Semi & Final        
07-Mar         Team ko quarters
14-Mar         Champions trophy 1st round    
17-Mar          Clare Cup semi & final
21-Mar         Charity semi           
28-Mar         Champions trophy 2nd round  
04-Apr          Team ko semi        
11-Apr          Champions trophy quarters     
14-Apr          Team and charity ko finals        
28-Apr          Champions trophy semi & final