Charity Team K/O

2019-20 Draw
First Round
To be played Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th September
M1 Pockets D v Castle Private C Tuesday 24th
M2 Victoria B v Pockets C Monday 23rd
M3 Victoria D v Victoria C Tuesday 24th
M4 Middlewich B v Winnington C Monday 23rd
M5 Owleywood A v Castle Private B Tuesday 24th
M6 Cosey Club A v Middlewich C Tuesday 24th
M7 Pockets A v Bye
M8 Winsford Cons B v Bye
M9 Castle Private A v Moulton Tuesday 24th
M10 Owleywood C v Bye
M11 Wharton A v Bye
M12 Meadow Bank v Owleywood B Monday 23rd
M13 Middlewich A v Victoria A Tuesday 24th
M14 Off the Rails v Bye
M15 Winsford Cons A v Wharton B Tuesday 24th
M16 Castle Private D v Bye
Second Round
To be played on Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th October 2019
M17 Pockets A v Castle Private D Monday 28/10
M18 Wharton A v Middlewich A Monday 28/10
M19 Victoria D v Owleywood C Tuesday 29/10
M20 Off the Rails v Wharton B Tuesday 29/10
M21 Middlewich C v Pockets C Tuesday 29/10
M22 Middlewich B v Winsford Cons B Monday 28/10
M23 Castle Private C v Meadow Bank Tuesday 29/10
M24 Moulton v Owleywood A Monday 28/10
Quarter Finals
To be Played on Thursday 30th January 2020
M25 Wharton B v Middlewich C
M26 Moulton v Wharton A
M27 Castle Private D v Winsford Cons B
M28 Victoria D v Castle Private C
Semi Finals
To be played on Thursday 19th March

Neutral Venue
M29 Wharton A V Victoria D winsford Cons
M30 Wharton B V Winsford Cons B Medaow Bank
To be played on Sunday 19th April 2020 @12 noon

Final Draw
2018/19 Middlewich B Peter Walton (capt) Stuart Colchough, Haydn Wynne, Paul Stevens, Tony Jones, Chas Ollier, Harry Ogle
2017/18 Meadow bank Carl Gilbert (Captain), Daniel Astles, John Ashley, Steven Rigby, Tom Rowlands, Peter wood, Andrew noden
2016/17 Winnington C Keith Yardley (Captain), Simon Watson, Sam Jackson, Alec Wright, Ollie Kelly, Nathan Walker, Graham Whally
2015/16 Castle Private J Lewis R Hender, G Evison, Snapper(AKA M Clays), K Long, P Wakefield, A Musgrave, P Clays
2014/15 Castle Private Ian Flood (Captain), Steve Moores, Eric Webber, Chris Cain, Antony Dale, Lewis Webber, Craig Musgrave
2013/14 Meadow bank B Andrew Noden (captain)Peter Wood, John Ashley, Steve Rigby, John Edmonds, Ashley Hodkinson, James Harrop, David Dickenson
2012/13 Meadow bank B Andrew Noden (captain)Peter Wood, John Ashley, Steve Rigby, John Edmonds, Paul Vernon, Ashley Hodkinson
2011/12 Bostock A George Ashley (Captain) Bob Clarke, Andy Wong, Adam Wong, Graham Parkinson, John Kettle, Barry Palin, Andy Higgins, Aaron Higgins
2010/11 Middlewich Legion C D Hough(Capt), N Hickley, D Hough, T Appleton, A Haycock, R Gibson, J Laud, S Laud
2009/10 Wharton Cons B Dave Burgess (Capt),Mike Rathbone,Tony Ditchfield,Rob Ormandy,Dave Egerton,Harry Waller,Daryl Sant
2008/09 Cygnet B Rob Oliver (Capt), James Reed, Matt Smith, Ryan Cox, James Forster, Steve Hilditch
2007/08 Hartford B Andy Hollinshead(Capt), Rich Cobain, Neil Tomkinson, Steve Robinson ,Andy Johnson ,Ray Johnson ,John Abbott
2006/07 United Services A
2005/06 Owleywood C
2004/05 Owleywood C
2003/04 United Services
2002/03 Pockets C
2001/02 Pockets C
2000/01 Owleywood C
1999/00 Winsford Cons A
1998/99 United Services A
1997/98 Winnington Rec C
1996/97 Victoria D
1995/96 Pockets D
1994/95 Hartford D
1993/94 NOT KNOWN
1992/93 Bostock
1991/92 Holmes Chaple