Charity Team K/O

2019-20 Draw
First Round
To be played Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th September
M1 Pockets D v Castle Private C Tuesday 24th
M2 Victoria B v Pockets C Monday 23rd
M3 Victoria D v Victoria C Tuesday 24th
M4 Middlewich B v Winnington C Monday 23rd
M5 Owleywood A v Castle Private B Tuesday 24th
M6 Cosey Club A v Middlewich C Tuesday 24th
M7 Pockets A v Bye
M8 Winsford Cons B v Bye
M9 Castle Private A v Moulton Tuesday 24th
M10 Owleywood C v Bye
M11 Wharton A v Bye
M12 Meadow Bank v Owleywood B Monday 23rd
M13 Middlewich A v Victoria A Tuesday 24th
M14 Off the Rails v Bye
M15 Winsford Cons A v Wharton B Tuesday 24th
M16 Castle Private D v Bye
Second Round
To be played on Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th October 2019
M17 Pockets A v Castle Private D Monday 28/10
M18 Wharton A v Middlewich A Monday 28/10
M19 Victoria D v Owleywood C Tuesday 29/10
M20 Off the Rails v Wharton B Tuesday 29/10
M21 Middlewich C v Pockets C Tuesday 29/10
M22 Middlewich B v Winsford Cons B Monday 28/10
M23 Castle Private C v Meadow Bank Tuesday 29/10
M24 Moulton v Owleywood A Monday 28/10
Quarter Finals
To be Played on Thursday 30th January 2020
Quarter Final draw
Semi Finals
To be played on Thursday 19th March

Neutral Venue
Semi Final Draw
To be played on Sunday 19th April 2020 @12 noon

Final Draw
2018/19 Middlewich B Peter Walton (capt) Stuart Colchough, Haydn Wynne, Paul Stevens, Tony Jones, Chas Ollier, Harry Ogle
2017/18 Meadow bank Carl Gilbert (Captain), Daniel Astles, John Ashley, Steven Rigby, Tom Rowlands, Peter wood, Andrew noden
2016/17 Winnington C Keith Yardley (Captain), Simon Watson, Sam Jackson, Alec Wright, Ollie Kelly, Nathan Walker, Graham Whally
2015/16 Castle Private J Lewis R Hender, G Evison, Snapper(AKA M Clays), K Long, P Wakefield, A Musgrave, P Clays
2014/15 Castle Private Ian Flood (Captain), Steve Moores, Eric Webber, Chris Cain, Antony Dale, Lewis Webber, Craig Musgrave
2013/14 Meadow bank B Andrew Noden (captain)Peter Wood, John Ashley, Steve Rigby, John Edmonds, Ashley Hodkinson, James Harrop, David Dickenson
2012/13 Meadow bank B Andrew Noden (captain)Peter Wood, John Ashley, Steve Rigby, John Edmonds, Paul Vernon, Ashley Hodkinson
2011/12 Bostock A George Ashley (Captain) Bob Clarke, Andy Wong, Adam Wong, Graham Parkinson, John Kettle, Barry Palin, Andy Higgins, Aaron Higgins
2010/11 Middlewich Legion C D Hough(Capt), N Hickley, D Hough, T Appleton, A Haycock, R Gibson, J Laud, S Laud
2009/10 Wharton Cons B Dave Burgess (Capt),Mike Rathbone,Tony Ditchfield,Rob Ormandy,Dave Egerton,Harry Waller,Daryl Sant
2008/09 Cygnet B Rob Oliver (Capt), James Reed, Matt Smith, Ryan Cox, James Forster, Steve Hilditch
2007/08 Hartford B Andy Hollinshead(Capt), Rich Cobain, Neil Tomkinson, Steve Robinson ,Andy Johnson ,Ray Johnson ,John Abbott
2006/07 United Services A
2005/06 Owleywood C
2004/05 Owleywood C
2003/04 United Services
2002/03 Pockets C
2001/02 Pockets C
2000/01 Owleywood C
1999/00 Winsford Cons A
1998/99 United Services A
1997/98 Winnington Rec C
1996/97 Victoria D
1995/96 Pockets D
1994/95 Hartford D
1993/94 NOT KNOWN
1992/93 Bostock
1991/92 Holmes Chaple