Champions Trophy

2019-2020 Draw
This competition is by invite only, If you are unable to play the match can you please contact Andy Hollinshead on 07881907152
Please do not give the game to your opponent there is reserve players

After this years AGM a new rule is in place with the lower ranked player having Home advantage until the Semi & Final
First Round (Best of Three)
To be played by 12th March 2020.
M1 Eric Webber Castle private 2 v 0 Jack Harrison Off the Rails Off the Rails
M2 Dave Hodkinson Middlewich 2 v 1 Dan Gledhill Victoria Victoria
M3 Ian Hughes Victoria 2 v 0 Paul Mills Winsford Cons Winsford Cons
M4 J Hamil Pockets 2 v 0 John Lewis Castle Private Castle Private
M5 Jon Berry Middlewich 0 v 2 Arron Higgins Pockets Pockets
M6 Ian Crosby Middlewich 2 v 0 Craig Winslow Middlewich Middlewich
M7 Dave Hope Victoria 0 v 2 Jason Kennedy Off the Rails Off the Rails
M8 Arkie Price Middlewich 2 v 0 Chaz Ollier Middlewich Middlewich
M9 Martin Ryder Middlewich 2 v 0 Haydn Wynne Middlewich Middlewich
M10 Mark Faddies Off the Rails 2 v 1 Tony Edwards Winsford cons Winsford Cons
M11 Stewart Leese Winsford Cons 2 v 0 Chris Williams Owleywood Owleywood
M12 Adam Griffiths Owleywood 2 v 0 Gary Moore Castle Private Castle Private
M13 Richard Proctor Pockets 2 v 0 John Mills Winsford cons Winsford Cons
M14 Paul Hatherley Pockets v Simon bannister middlewich
M15 Derrick Edwards Off the Rails 0 v 2 Andy Kennedy Winsford Cons Cosey
M16 Stewart Colclough Pockets 2 v 0 Conor Kennedy Winsford cons Winsford Cons
Second Round (Best of Three)
To be played by 8th October 2020
M17 Eric Webber Castle private v Dave Hodkinson Middlewich FALSE Middlewich
M18 Ian Hughes Victoria v J Hamil Pockets FALSE Victoria
M19 Arron Higgins Pockets v Ian Crosby Middlewich FALSE Pockets
M20 Jason Kennedy Off the Rails v Arkie Price Middlewich FALSE Off the Rails
M21 Martin Ryder Middlewich v Mark Faddies Off the Rails FALSE Off the Rails
M22 Stewart Leese Winsford Cons v Adam Griffiths Owleywood FALSE Winsford Cons
M23 Richard Proctor Pockets v m14 FALSE
M24 Andy Kennedy Winsford Cons v Stewart Colclough Pockets FALSE Winsford Cons
Quarter Finals (Best of Three)
To be played by 9th April 2020
Semi Finals (Best of Five)
To be played on 26th April 2020 @ 1pm

Final (Best of Seven)
To be played on 26th April 2020 @3pm

2017/18 Eric Webber Castle Private
2016/17 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2015/16 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2014/15 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2013/14 Dave Hodkinson Middelwich legion
2012/13 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2011/12 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2010/11 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2009/10 Sam Throsby Bostock
2008/09 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2007/08 Darren Potts Victoria
2006/07 Darryl Fallows Owleywood
2005/06 Darryl Fallows Owleywood
2004/05 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2003/04 Karl Rowley United Services
2002/03 Peter Glover Winnington
2001/02 Greg Morris Winnington
2000/01 Greg Morris Winnington
1999/00 Steve Moores Winnington
1998/99 Darryl Fallows Winnington
1997/98 Stewart Colclough Pockets
1996/97 Darryl Fallows Middlewich Legion
1995/96 Andy Wong Pockets
1994/95 Darryl Fallows Hartford
1993/94 Darryl Fallows Hartford
1992/93 Darryl Fallows Hartford
1991/92 D Lewis Timperley
1990/91 N A Evans Middlewich Legion
1989/90 P Drinkwater Castle Private
1988/89 S Moores Castle Private
1987/88 A K Davies Middlewich Legion