D1 Handicaps

Lewis Webber Castle Private A -24
James Harrop Castle Private A 10
Steve Moores Castle Private A 1
Eric Webber Castle Private A -30
Jack Carroll Castle Private A 8
Andy Hamman Castle Private A 26
Dave Hornby Castle Private A 16
Si Cross Castle Private A 15
Danny Hooks Castle Private A 29
M Hamman Castle Private A 9
Jimmy Pimblatt Castle Private C -11
Chris Cain Castle Private C -11
Dave Cain Castle Private C 30
Nick Hamman Castle Private C -4
Ian Flood Castle Private C -1
Rick Cain Castle Private C 20
Steve Duncalf Castle Private C 26
0 Castle Private C 0
0 Castle Private C 0
Adi Faulkner Castle Private C 0
0 Castle Private C 0
A Faulkner Castle Private C 7
Jack Carroll Castle Private C 13
Paul Lappin Castle Private C 24
Justin Taylor Cosey A -12
Greg Roberts Cosey A 0
George Donnelly Cosey A 14
Mark Snape Cosey A 12
Rob Livesey Cosey A 17
John Scallan Cosey A 28
Jay Cartlidge Cosey A 14
Steve Harrison Cosey A 6
Jack Harrison Cosey 12
Colin Hamer Cygnet A -19
Tony Jones Cygnet A -8
Glynn Reddish Cygnet A 16
Danny Tatton Cygnet A 28
George Johnson Cygnet A 26
Mike Christian Cygnet A 12
Adam Bosson Cygnet A 22
Shaun Hilditch Cygnet A 4
Steve Kellam Cygnet A 13
Carl Hilditch Cygnet -6
0 Cygnet 0
0 Cygnet 0
Graham Goodwin Cygnet 14
Andy Hughes Middlewich A -9
Martin Ryder Middlewich A -23
Chris Daffern Middlewich A 9
Colin Taylor Middlewich A 14
Ian Crosby Middlewich A -4
Jon Berry Middlewich A -33
T Appleton Middlewich A 6
S Laud Middlewich A 15
Craig Winslow Middlewich C -17
Simon Bannister Middlewich C 12
Dave Hodkinson Middlewich C -17
Gary Preston Middlewich C 5
Arkie Price Middlewich C -10
Steve Rothewll Middlewich C 10
Darren Bannieter Middlewich C 18
Karl Weedall Middlewich C 8
Karl Robinson Middlewich C 8
Keith Lockett Off the Rails A -22
Jason Kennedy Off the Rails A -15
Mark Faddies Off the Rails A -5
Derrick Edwards Off the Rails A 9
Grayham Maddocks Off the Rails A 34
John Kennedy Off the Rails A 16
Tony Blount Off the Rails A 6
Scot Crawley Off the Rails A 9
Ray Hughes Off the Rails A 6
G Heron Off the Rails A -9
Jack Harrison Off the Rails 16
Adam Griffiths Owleywood A -48
Jon Carter Owleywood A 0
Joe Tomlinson Owleywood A 22
Nicky Hubert Owleywood A 13
Jason Taylor Owleywood A 22
Danny Lloyd Owleywood A 13
D James Owleywood A -11
0 Owleywood A 0
0 Owleywood A 0
Nev Malam Owleywood A 30
Paul Taylor Owleywood B 8
Chris Williams Owleywood B -3
Andy Carter Owleywood B 16
Mike Ball Owleywood B 10
Chris Whelan Owleywood B 23
Barry O'Donoghue Owleywood B 13
Phil Crook Owleywood B 12
0 Owleywood B 0
Eric Hughes Owleywood B 28
Richard Proctor Pockets C -16
Derek Griffiths Pockets C 10
Paul Hatherley Pockets C -6
Billy Hopkins Pockets C 23
G Turtan Pockets C 22
Craig Ballar Pockets C 10
S Bampton Pockets C 9
Charlie McTasney Pockets C 24
C Griffiths Pockets C 20
Martin Coppick Victoria B -3
Ian Hughes Victoria B -8
Jack Longley Victoria B 22
Mark Mason Victoria B 15
Dan Pimlott Victoria B 35
A Bates Victoria B 15
R Graham Victoria B 34
Joe Joyce Victoria B 6
D O'Shea Victoria B 7
Harry Brown Victoria B 0
J Ashbrook Victoria B 4
Jarvis joyce Victoria B 42
Nick Lloyd Victoria B 8
Nick Walker Victoria B 4
Paul Mills Wharton C -10
John Mills Wharton C 18
Bob Clarke Wharton C -3
Gary Goodwin Wharton C 23
Hugh Rowlands Wharton C 27
Rod Stitch Wharton C 14
Phil Harris Wharton C 0
Shaun Reid Wharton C 23
Colin Jones Wharton C 21
Alex Stitch Wharton C 32
P Stenson Wharton C 28
Simon Watson Winnington C 11
Colin Lightfoot Winnington C 20
Graham Whalley Winnington C 9
Ollie Kelly Winnington C 18
Sam Jackson Winnington C -4
John Kettle Winnington C 15
Nathan Walker Winnington C 11
Alec Wright Winnington C 19
Declan Wood Winnington C 6
Stewart Leese Winsford Cons A -2
Andy Kennedy Winsford Cons A -13
Mitch Clarke Winsford Cons A 5
Connor Kennedy Winsford Cons A 9
Steve Gerrard Winsford Cons A 8
Tony Edwards Winsford Cons A -8
D Hough Winsford Cons A 1
Bill Hall Winsford Cons A 17
Dave Robinson Winsford Cons A 9
Wayne Clarke Winsford Cons A 0