Champions Trophy

2018-2019 Draw
First Round (Best of Three)
To be played by 14th March 2019.
M1 Adam Griffiths Owleywood 2 v 0 J Hamil Pockets Castle private
M2 Lewis Webber Castle 2 v 1 Tony Edwards Winsford cons Winnington
M3 Craig Winslow Middlewich 0 v 2 Colin Taylor Middlewich Middlewich
M4 Eric Webber Castle 2 v 1 Stewart Colclough Middlewich Winnington
M5 A Hollinshead Pockets 0 v 2 Andy Johnson Pockets Owleywood
M6 Chris Williams Owleywood 2 v 0 Ian Crosby Middlewich Castle private
M7 Derek Griffiths Pockets 0 v 2 Ian Hughes Victoria Wharton
M8 Jason Kennedy Off the Rails 2 v 0 John Abbott Pockets Winsford cons
M9 Tony Jones Cygnet 2 v 0 Kingstone Meadland Moulton Victoria
M10 Jimmy Pimblatt Castle 2 v 0 Carl Hilditch Cygnet Middlewich
M11 Paul mills Wharton 0 v 2 Paul Hatherley Pockets Winsford cons
M12 Andy Hughes Middlewich 2 v 1 Dave Hope Victoria Pockets
M13 Richard Procter Pockets 2 v 1 Paul Clarke Moulton Wharton cons
M14 Andy Kennedy Winsford cons 1 v 2 Dan James Owleywood Pockets
M15 Dave Hodkinson Middlewich 0 v 2 Stewart leese Winsford cons Wharton
M16 Jon Berry Middlewich 2 v 0 Charles Clark Wharton Owleywood
Second Round (Best of Three)
To be played by 28th March 2019
M17 Adam Griffiths Owleywood 2 v 0 Lewis Webber Castle Winnington
M18 Colin Taylor Middlewich 0 v 2 Eric Webber Castle Owleywood
M19 Andy Johnson Pockets 2 v 1 Chris Williams Owleywood Castle Private
M20 Ian Hughes Victoria 2 v 1 Jason Kennedy Off the Rails Winsford Cons
M21 Tony Jones Cygnet 0 v 2 Jimmy Pimblatt Castle Victoria
M22 Paul Hatherley Pockets 1 v 2 Andy Hughes Middlewich Wharton
M23 Richard Procter Pockets 2 v 0 Dan James Owleywood Middlewich
M24 Stewart leese Winsford cons v Jon Berry Middlewich Pockets
Quarter Finals (Best of Three)
To be played by 11th April 2019
M25 Adam Griffiths Owleywood 2 v 0 Eric Webber Pockets
M26 Andy Johnson Pockets v Ian Hughes Victoria Winsford Cons
M27 Tony Jones Cygnet v Andy Hughes Middlewich Victoria
M28 Richard Procter Pockets v Jon Berry Castle
Semi Finals (Best of Five)
To be played on 28th April 2019 @ 1pm

M29 Winner of M25 v Winner of M26
M30 Winner of M27 v Winner of M28
Final (Best of Seven)
To be played on 28th April 2019 @3pm

M31 Winner of M29 v Winner of M30
2017/18 Eric Webber Castle Private
2016/17 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2015/16 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2014/15 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2013/14 Dave Hodkinson Middelwich legion
2012/13 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2011/12 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2010/11 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2009/10 Sam Throsby Bostock
2008/09 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2007/08 Darren Potts Victoria
2006/07 Darryl Fallows Owleywood
2005/06 Darryl Fallows Owleywood
2004/05 Stewart Colclough Pockets
2003/04 Karl Rowley United Services
2002/03 Peter Glover Winnington
2001/02 Greg Morris Winnington
2000/01 Greg Morris Winnington
1999/00 Steve Moores Winnington
1998/99 Darryl Fallows Winnington
1997/98 Stewart Colclough Pockets
1996/97 Darryl Fallows Middlewich Legion
1995/96 Andy Wong Pockets
1994/95 Darryl Fallows Hartford
1993/94 Darryl Fallows Hartford
1992/93 Darryl Fallows Hartford
1991/92 D Lewis Timperley
1990/91 N A Evans Middlewich Legion
1989/90 P Drinkwater Castle Private
1988/89 S Moores Castle Private
1987/88 A K Davies Middlewich Legion